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Acme Thunderer History

08/23/2018 4:41 PM | Anonymous member

Joe Mozdy and I worked under the supervision of Frank Pettinato as did most of us.  During that time Joe Mozdy (jr) was a lifeguard at Presque Isle's Beach 10, later named Budny Beach after Pat Budny who was the first to swim across Lake Erie.

When Joe Mozdy completed his career as a guard as Captain of beach 10 he passed on his whistle to me, so I passed my whistle on to my cousin who is a teacher.  She used my whistle for 35 years and this is what an acme Thunderer looks like after 40 years.  If you zoom in you can see that it an authentic Acme Thunderer.

Joe Mozdy passed away in Florida in the early 80's and when he passed I threw the whistle and the leather lanyard that Joe loved in to the lake at Beach 10 - where the whistle belonged.

Since 1870 The J Hudson & Company, maker of the Acme Thunderer (, has been making whistles.  Their web site is fun so if you have the time please take a look. 

I refereed water polo for 34 years and during that time the sport, like most, moved to the plastic Fox 40 whistle.  The softer plastic is easier on your teeth, but the sounds are really bad for your hearing.  I now have some really awesome hearing aids that likely would not have been necessary were it not for 34 years with a Fox 40, but it is a very small price to pay for the fun that I had both as a guard with the Acme Thunderer and as a referee with the Fox 40.

Russ Thompson '78-'81

Presque Isle State Park Lifeguard


  • 08/25/2018 8:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    I had an acme Thunderer when I worked on the beach, but I was in the Shack for most of my career!
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